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Sensitiv Imago™ Portfolio 2020 – 2021

4-in-1 Vision of the Human Health

We live in the New Age times when both the Medicine (holistic doctors) and the Science (nuclear and quantum physics) recognize on a proved basis, that a Human Organism is a complex multi-level system that includes the Physical processes (Body), the Mental processes (Mind), the Psycho-emotional processes (Emotions and feelings) and the Energy processes (The Energetic Body of the Human). So very often, it’s a connection between all these 4 levels that creates health problems that aren’t possible to tackle by only scanning the physical body.

Our NEW Sensitiv Imago Portfolio offers a line of the unique HI-TECH Solutions in the field of diagnostics, treatment, testing and protection at all level – physical problems, energy problems, mental problems, emotional problems and the protection of the Human from the pathogenic electromagnetic emissions in modern homes and offices.

We are Praha Alpha-Med LLC, a Team of scientists and doctors with 25 years of experience in the quantum physics, holistic medicine, homeopathy, nutrition, bio-resonance, GDV, psychosomatics and anti-aging.

Our mission is to provide the practitioners and the everyday people with the risk-free, chemicals-free and ecological solutions for maintaining and improving the holistic state of well-being and a high quality of life.

To help you make an informed decision, we offer you an online presentation and advice on selecting an optimal option from our Portfolio that will be the best specifically for your health practice, office and home environments.


5 Levels of Healing the Human

Level 1: Problems in the human organs and systems

SENSITIV IMAGO™ – our best-selling diagnostics/testing/compensation technology which offers 96% accuracy – the best in the Bioresonance field. It provides a full scan of human body, identification of pathogens and individual testing of food, medicines, supplement. Also includes the energy compensation (FC,BRT, Bio-impendance, Spectronosodes) possibilities for organs and systems.

Levels 2: Problems in the Human Energy Field (Human Biofield)

SENSITIV IMAGO™ AUREOLA – the best world-wide research Bio-Photon Holography Scan Technology. Provides the view of the energy-imbalancies in a) the Human Bio-field Energy and b) the Human Energy Centers and their impact on the problems in the physiological organs of the tested person. New “Stress Rating”software provides great possibilities for such industries as Sports, Military and HR.

Level 3: Protection from the electro-magnetic polution (updated for 5G protection)

SENSITIV IMAGO™ ANGEL – our best-seller, the Quantum Energy Protection Technology. Protect the human organism against the modern-age electro-magnetic polution coming from the electro-magnetic devices (computers, mobile phones, radioactive waves, electric lamps, geopathogen zones etc.). Important – its now updated for creating a protection shield from 5G!

Level 4: Cleansing environments and persons from Viruses and Bacteria (updated for Covid19)

SENSITIV IMAGO™ PLASMA – The year of 2020 has put the biggest challenges for the whole world with Covid19. We have worked hard to produce the we introduce the best in class and a UNIQUE DNA- and RNA-level healing equipment that works based on the powerful plasmic energy field. Its best for canceling viruses, bacteria, parasites and molds. As well as providing the overall healing procedures for your patients. This can also become an intrument of choice for cleansing your house-hold and protecting your family!

Level 5: Portable Healing for the emotional states (stresses, anxiety, energy loss)

SENSITIV IMAGO™ DIGI-HEALER – The year of 2020 has brought the understanding that we all need tools for addressing our everyday stress, fears and anxiety produced by the high speeds of life and work, by the lock-down induced by viruses and the overall uncertainty in the world. Its not about going to a psychologist anymore – its about having tools in our households and at work. We introduce the NEW line of the portable devices to bring you the healthy frequencies wherever you are. You are not limited to vising a specialist anymore – boot up your Digi-Healer system and help yourself within minutes!

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