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Training and Guarantee Policy of the European Headquarters

  • Training on the operation of Sensitiv Imago® Plasma is included in the price of all our equipment.
  • We exclusively provide equipment certified in the European Union together with a 2-year EU warranty.
  • We exclusively provide the following additional diagnostic and healing modules – Sensitiv Imago Angel (module for EMF/5G protection of human) and Aureola (module for evaluating Aura, Chakras and advanced psychological and stress factors).

Additional information

A mandatory part of the purchase of our equipment is basic training in the operation of the equipment, which is included in the price. The training can be completed in the form of individual or group training (up to 5-6 people) or through our online educational platform (internet). In addition, we have a wide network of trainers and professionals who provide advanced courses in practical work in various areas of holistic medicine. These trainings are voluntary and are organized on individual request.

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