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Sensitiv Imago® Plasma functions

  • NEW-generation Plasma generator
  • DNA and RNA frequencies of microorganisms
  • Higher efficiency compared to other plasmas
  • Harmonization and detoxification frequencies
  • Easy touch-screen operation
  • Built-in computer
  • Intuitive software
  • Innovative patented long-life lamp
  • Includes compensation module for Covid19
  • Unique connection with Sensitiv Imago ™ 530 technology

Sensitiv Imago offers you a unique product made at a professional level, which provides exceptional opportunities for professional holistic centers, therapists or for entrepreneurs or companies who have ambitions in setting up a professional business in the field of health and wellness.

A unique fusion of over 23 years experience in the frequency medicine and the holistic health practice gave rise to a new generation plasma generator – Sensitiv Imago® Plasma.

A brief overview of the main functions of the Sensitiv Imago® Plasma

  • Elimination of microorganisms – bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites
  • Comprehensive detoxification programs
  • Unique organ harmonization
  • Contactless application of healing complexes built into the Sensitiv Imago® 530
  • Possibility to create an individual client card and implement individual packages of frequency procedures more clearly and efficiently

Additional functions of the Sensitiv Imago ™ Plasma

  • Possibility to create an individual client card and implement individual packages of frequency procedures more clearly and efficiently
  • Language versions – English, Czech
  • The database has a unique possibility of individual expansion according to the requirements of the operator
  • Aesthetic and mobile design, which allows you to make compensations both in the place of your counseling center and at home
  • A unique form of a plasma lamp, which also allows for a contact application to increase the efficiency of the procedure
  • Plasma lamp runtime counter for better control of usage and service intervals
  • Built-in USB port for easy database completion
  • Built-in computer with touch screen directly in the device
  • Intuitive one-touch software control
  • Training, support, certificates and user manual of course
  • Guaranteed lamp operation up to 3000 hours
  • Warranty 2 years
  • Elegant transport case that will raise the level of your mobile practice

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Sensitiv Imago Plasma is an experimental device designed to study the effects of electromagnetic waves on living organisms. Unfortunately, given that current science does not yet have an effort to study the effect of these procedures on human health, it is by no means possible to perceive Sensitiv Imago Plasma as a medical device intended for treatment or diagnosis.

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